Aspheric Lens: Its Advantages and Drawbacks


Aspheric lenses are different from the other lenses that you find in the market today. Aspheric lens do not bear the typical shape of a normal lens, and so less material is required to manufacture these lenses. These lenses are also much lighter and flatter than other kinds of lenses. What’s more! There are double aspheric lenses which have different shape on both sides instead of one just one side of the lens.

Lens manufacturing companies can add value to aspheric lenses by applying different treatments such as adding anti-UV coating to mention just one. Opticians will definitely help you buy the best lens by asking you several questions and seeing what is most suitable for your eyes. In some other cases, you may require to submit a prescription that will insist your optician to make necessary adjustments to ensure that the eye is not being damaged or hurt. For example, thicker fronted aspheric lenses are often recommended to people with strong astigmatism who still require two vision corrections in one lens or Bi/Varifocal lenses.

Aspheric lenses have many advantages over glass lens. Since these lenses are much thinner and flatter, the appearance of your eye through the glass may look more attractive and normal. If you wear thick glass lenses, your eyes will appear small and distorted.

Aspheric design allows flatter base curves that lead to better optical performance. The basic difference between a spherical and an aspheric lens is that the former has one curvature and is shaped like a basketball while an aspheric lens curves gradually like a football.

You can also go for double Aspheric lens that has more advantages than single aspheric. As the effect is on both sides of the lens, the distortion to your eyes as viewed by others is reduced even more. You will also be able to see more properly, as these lenses give a much higher quality of vision with far less distortion. To note, double aspheric lenses have a very large focal point. Besides, many people find these lenses much more durable and less easy to break when dropped or twisted compared to glass lenses.

However, aspheric lenses are not free from problems. For example, they have the same problems as High Index lens. Firstly, there is increased reflection off the surface of the lens and thus an anti-reflective coat should be applied for its higher performance. Secondly, the Abbe Number will be lower increasing color distorting around an object but the extent of this is often negligible and depends on the wearer himself.

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