Different Types of Imaging lens and Their Uses

camera lenses

Imaging lenses also called camera lenses are one of the important components of a camera. They are also known as photographic lens. An imaging lens is used to focus on an image to take the pictures of the object(s). Depending on the lens type, imaging lenses can be used to remove parallax or perspective fault or provide adjustable magnifications, field of views, or focal lengths. The images captured by imaging optics are formed either on photographic film or any other media capable of storing images chemically or electronically.

Different imaging devices have different types of imaging lenses used. For example, still camera, telescope, video camera or microscope use lens in different designs and construction. However, all of these devices work on the same principle to view objects in imaging systems.

Let’s now look at the different uses of imaging lens

Zoom lens

Zoom lensThese lenses are ideal for use when you are travelling and can’t take a lot of equipment with you. One zoom lens can take the place of two or three single focal length, and it is also easy to carry.  If you are a sports photographer, zoom lens is great for taking amazing action shots! These days, this device is used on a large scale in cameras and binoculars in order to bring distant objects closer. Zoom lenses are also known as para focal lenses because they can support the focus of the image even while changing the focal length. Two popular types of zoom lens are optical zoom and digital zoom.

Standard lenses

canon-standard-lensA standard lens has an angle similar to the human eye which is around 50 to 55 degrees diagonally. Also known as a “normal lens”, they support a focal length range of 35-70mm and can produce unnaturally zoomed-in and zoomed-out images respectively. Standard lenses are ideal for street photography and documentary as well as taking close-up portraits and landscapes that demand quick movement and action. They are also great for indoor and low-light photography.

Special-purposeSpecial purpose lenses

Special purpose lenses have emerged to fill various photographic needs. They include fish-eye, infrared, ultraviolet, swivel, stereoscopic, process, soft focus, and more. All these devices play a significant role allowing a photographer to capture meaningful images more effectively even in low lighting conditions.


Macro lensThis type of lens is used to take primarily “close-up” photos. It can reproduce a life-sized image of an object on the recording medium or image sensor. Ideal macro lenses offer a magnification factor of 1.0x or 1:1 at its closest focus setting. It is also possible to get enlargements of small objects using a macro lens that only offers 0.5x (or 1:2) maximum magnification. Macro lens can support any focal length.

PortraitPortrait Lens

Also known as medium telephoto lenses, these devices are used by portrait photographers to take great pictures. They mainly support a focal range between 80-135mm and offers perfect framing for head and shoulder shots. Best lens for portraits depends on your budget, personal style of photography and the make of camera.

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